Ultraman clothes

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Torrekia set
Moderate thickness with elasticity


Who is Torrekia Ultraman?

Torrekia Ultraman is the M78 nebula - the country of light after the Beria Ultraman and another fall into the darkness of Ultraman, once a friend of Terra Ultraman, is the son of Tyro - Taiga Ultraman in the process of growing up entangled arch-enemies. Torrekia had intervened in multiple universes, the body sealed with the evil gods of the universe during the chaos of the Grim Reaper, and can travel through parallel universes, as well as the ability to summon the demonized monsters. Experience: During his long journey through the universe, Torekia changed his mind and believed that light and darkness are worthless and only chaos is eternal. Torecchia came to {Universe Relic Borges}, a planet with a relic that sealed the existence of a threat to the universe. Torecchia unsealed the relics so that the ancient evil god (evil beast Grimdark), which existed long before the birth of the universe, broke out of the seal, and Torecchia used the deciphered words and Ultraman power to seal the evil god in his own color timer, which became the source of his power. Appearances: [Robo Ultraman theatrical version: Decision! The Crystal of Ties], [Ultragalactic Fighting: Heroes of the New Generation], Taiga Ultraman, [Taiga Ultraman Theatrical Version: Top of the New Generation] "Ultragalactic Fighting: The Great Conspiracy" Author: - Die Mage -