Running gear

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Sweating from sports and afraid of showing your shape?

These sports shorts outside loose inside tight double layer design, to protect your body shape, not embarrassing.

Other Features:

  • Back waist towel special design. You no longer need to put the towel on the neck. No matter how you run, the towel will not fall.
  • With four pockets in the front and back, where keys, cell phones, and wallets can be placed at will.
  • Pocket diameter deeper and longer design. Items in the pocket are not easy to fall, you don't need to carry bags with you when going out.
  • Designed for placing cell phones. No matter how you jump, it does not fall.
  • The lining is made of highly elastic and smooth fabric, which is soft and comfortable without rubbing. The lining with a unique weaving method, high elasticity, and high strength. Can fit muscles well and reduce friction. The elasticity of both inside and outside fabric is super good, It supports and shapes the muscles well
  • If you're a runner, the invisible pockets in the lining of the sweatpants are definitely your favorite.