Female Fitness Plans

  • $60.00

This is an 8 week fitness program designed perfectly for the Female Body. 

Female Beginner Plan- Offers beginner workouts for an individual who wants to start consistently working out, with some guidance and workout ideas. Learning form, body mechanics and comfortable weight usage. New to the gym? Start here. 

Female Intermediate Plan- Offers Intermediate workouts for an individual who feels comfortable with form, body mechanics and free weights. Will incorporate free weights, body weight, and strength exercises, while demonstrating endurance. 

Female Advanced Plan- You are comfortable in the gym, you know all the basic lifts and have spot-on form. This plan is for you if you are looking to intensify, tone and build strength. You are looking to increase your lean body mass and lower body fat percentage. Learn new ways to build your strength and climb to the next level. This plan is not for beginners.


Once purchased, this plan is non-refundable. 

Undecided on which plan is best for you?

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