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Who is Gwen Spider-Man?

Gwen Stacy of Earth-65, whose father is a sheriff and herself is a drummer in Mary Jane's band.

In this universe, Gwen replaced Peter Parker as the one who was bitten by a spider, and like most Spider-Men in other words, she began to use her powers to help others.

Before the story officially began, Peter in this universe because of his weak body and nerdy character suffered from bullying, every time rely on Gwen to protect him. But this did not stop him as a "Peter Parker" smart and kind, he regarded the spider Gwen as the goal, wanting to become like her to help the weak and the righteous. So Peter researched the lizard serum, but after taking it, because of the side effects out of control, transformed into a lizard man. Spider Gwen in order to stop him from hurting classmates and citizens, the accident led to his death.

Gwen, therefore, fell into a deep sense of remorse and grief, and because of the suspected murder of Peter Parker was wanted by the police.

Gwen's single father, George Stacy, is a righteous and smart NYPD sergeant who has teamed up with his partner, Detective DeWolfe, to send the New York City crime lord - Kim to prison. But George did not know that his daughter was the rumored "Spider-Woman", after the death of Peter Parker, grew up watching Peter and Gwen, he also felt the same heartache and anger, Ben Parker and May Parker is also his good neighbors for more than a decade, so George Stacy on behalf of the NYPD publicly said, will definitely kill Peter -Parker's spider killer to catch the case.

But Spider-Woman is not the only trouble at the hands of Sheriff George, Kim and although he has been jailed, his power is still like a spider web throughout New York, his lawyer is known as "Mordoc" night demon killer - Matt Murdoch.

In order to retaliate against Sheriff George, Murdoch was instructed by Kim and hired Rhino to assassinate George Stacy in an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, in the elimination of the Sheriff at the same time, pulling in the police as the enemy of the spider Gwen, after all, the enemy of the enemy is a friend.

That day happened to be the day of Gwen and Mary Jane's band community gig, George came to the scene to watch his daughter's performance. But he not only did not see Gwen at the scene but also encountered the rhinoceros man attack.

Spider Gwen, on the other hand, is a few moments late because her whereabouts were revealed earlier and she is being chased by the police. Finally, the father was about to be killed by the rhinoceroses in the nick of time, Spider Gwen arrived at the performance site, saved his father, and revealed his true identity to the sheriff stunned, and finally chose to protect his daughter.

Gwen told her father what she thought would become her belief throughout the Spider-Gwen comics.

Although "the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility" is the motto given by Uncle Ben to every Peter Spider-Man, the spider Gwen from the death of Peter obtained a similar will: Peter to her example, but the result of accidental death, she must let Peter die meaningful, if she can not make the mask into a symbol of justice, other monsters will use it as a cover for sin.