Sky Moon Knight MoonKnight Marvel superhero cos suit movie cosplay costume

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Fabric information:

  • Bamboo cotton linen non-stretch
  • Imitation pigskin lining non-stretch
  • 40D polyester round one-piece with stretch
  • Stretch mesh with stretch
  • High-gloss gold leather non-stretch

Note:  This price is for the full set, excluding shoes. 


Who is Moon Knight?

In the comics of Marvel, Moonlight Knight, Max Perkett, is a mercenary, which is also the classic Marvel character identity, after all, good round after the story. At a certain time to carry out the task of the Egyptian tomb, because of the disagreement with the father of the A-side, the words are not a lot, arguing and then hands, and then was beaten badly before being thrown to the desert.

After the soul left the body of Mark ran into the ancient Egyptian gods - the moon god Kong Su. Kong Su was very "kind" and chatted with Mark, "Hello life, I save your life, give you skills, you staying with me." Mark thought it was not bad and then agreed with Su’s suggestion. Indeed, in the Marvel Universe, rich people rely on technology, poor people rely on mutation, Mark this strange encounter lets him get several abilities:

  • Every nighttime will have more than the normal physical quality of people.
  • The ability to react, this attribute is stronger than ordinary people but weaker than the Nightmare
  • Sight in the dark.
  • The ability to use moonlight to heal wounds.

The mainstream positioning of this character in Marvel Comics is the street hero.